Why ADI?

Better Buying Power X.0, Lowest Price Technical Acceptable, now Rapid Acquisition 804…
“Epic Speed.”  Over the past two year there has been an increased interest in speeding up DoD acquisitions.  I have personally been part of the revolution and on a high preforming Systems Program Office (SPO).  Our program office success hasn’t been from buzz works like epic speed or tailored acquisitions.  It’s been from performing “Mission Engineering.” Mission engineering goes beyond systems engineering to address cross cutting functions, end to end control and trades across family of systems architectures and ultimately mission focused engineering keeps the utility of the systems in the foremost of the program office’s priorities. It’s not about obligations and expenditures, it’s not about keeping a schedule, it’s about delivery systems to Warfighters that save lives.  

Our Expertise

Crossing the Domains and Bridging the gap between System Acquisitions and Operations with
Mission Architecting and Engineering
It’s not hard to cut corners and go fast it giving permission from the vary gate keepers that are asking for speed.  The trick is going fast and still delivering the right systems that solve the right problems. In order to go fast and get it right you have to bridge the gap requirements and development. It takes more than mission threats to bridge the gap between Mission and systems engineering. Mission engineering ensures that subsequent operational and system architectures, and the systems developed to support them are aligned with and support the missions for which they were designed in the first place.  The only way the Department can accomplish this is through the integration of specific expert operators, planners sand intelligence professionals inside the program offices and in the operations center and tactical units where we deliver capability.  ADI is a completely that is focus on providing the premier operations engineers and intelligence analyst to SPOs, Ops Centers, MAJCOM and Combatant Commands.  ADI builds, places and sustains expert Mission Engineering personnel to close the gap.  Operations integrations is our purpose and our passion. It is how epic speed is realized, this is how we prepare, this is how we win.

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